Aviation Secure is a proud Baldwin Virtual Training partner. They have been training flight crews, flight departments, corporate personnel and travelers since 2004. Aviation Secure is currently the #1 personalized flight crew training provider in the US focused on the wellness and safety of flight crew and passengers.

14 modules (2.5 hour course) | $299 per student |This online course will help you develop a stronger security mindset making you better able to detect, prevent or respond to a security threat on the road, at work or at home. You will learn of the various security incidents that have occurred to flight department personnel and learn how you can have a very different outcome. 

Training with Aviation Secure will...

  • Mitigate organizational liability by increasing your flight department’s overall security
  • Develop a security mindset within your flight department
  • Provide your team with tools to succeed in unpredictable environments
  • Reduce security-breach incidents which may result in costly insurance claims
  • Teach your team to detect, prevent and respond to security challenges on the road and at home
  • Strengthen your team’s confidence in your commitment to their safety and security and decrease employee turnover as a result

What people are saying...

A must for managers and flight crews

by Mike Lang, Sr. Captain

Concise and thought-provoking. A must-see for managers and flight crews. Conveys a palette of proven security measures to challenge conventional thinking.

Best...training I have ever received

by Kelly Rinehart, Sr. Captain

“[Aviation Secure] training was some of the best personal, professional, travel, and tactical training I have ever received. It opened my eyes to all the ways we are vulnerable as a crew while traveling, as well as ways to better protect ourselves on the home front.

Brought our department together

by Ron Long, Flight Dept. Manager

You will not find a more comprehensive aviation security course… The class brought our department together like no other training has. Highly recommended.



Kristopher Cannon

Kristopher Cannon is an experienced aviation security consultant, speaker, presenter and corporate pilot and is the Founder and President of Aviation Secure Inc. He has extensive knowledge in the specialized training of aviation personnel, regulatory requirements, global risk and international security. In his previous roles as a USC Corporate Aviation Security Instructor for nearly eleven years, and the Director of Global Security for a Part 135 charter company for thirteen years, Kris has contributed to the safe and secure operations of flight departments, personnel and crews worldwide. Also a former Los Angeles and Beverly Hills Police Officer and Defensive Tactics Instructor, Kris utilizes his unique background and expertise to train flight crews and flight department personnel.